沁心涼 Ice & Drink

1 鮮果汁大王Fresh Juice


Do you have too little time to eat any fruit? They offer you with pure fresh juice here! “Drinking” fruit is not only efficient but also neat! It’s owner used to sell fruit and then changed to sell juice since half a century ago! History of this store will be a promise of fresh and tasty juice!!

3 酸梅湯/可可牛奶Plum Juice/ Cocoa Milk


Materials are always essential to make delicacies. The owner has sold the juice for 30 years, made of dark plums, Hsian Tsa, petals of osmanthus, and castor sugar. It’s so refreshing and thirst-quenching. The imported cocoa powder plus milk and castor sugar will equal fragrant hot cocoa milk and delicious cold cocoa milk.


9 三明治/咖啡可可Sandwich/ Coffee Cocoa


They are selling GRILLED sandwiches with special stuffings inside, such as sausage, fried pork chop, crispy cucumbers, and tomatoes. And the coffee and cocoa are rich with history, too. In early time, these two things were not available here in Taiwan and could only be brought in by seamen. Since Keelung was a port itself, this factor gave it the privilege to serve these two rare things.


23 泡沫紅茶Black Tea with Foam


You will definitely see stalls selling foam drinks in Taiwan’s every night market. And there is exception for Keelung MiaoKo. To quench your thirsty throat, you may have choices of black tea, green tea, and mixed fruit flavors!


33 柳橙汁/木瓜牛奶Orange Juice/ Papaya Milk


The fresh juice is nutritious, made of genuine fruit without artificial spices. To keep balance, more fruit will beautify your skin, and so are papaya milk and Luoli milk!


35-1 大發水果汁Fresh Juice


Another aged stall. It’s quite usual that juice sellers used to sell fruit. This stall is known by its balsam pear juice, which is quite popular recently since everyone wants to be slim. You can also blend it with other kinds of fruit!


37 沈記泡泡冰Pao-Pao Ice


You must will feel deeply moved when the clerk give you a cup of hard-stirred bubble ice. With the materials chosen by yourself in a big bowl, the ice is whipped and stirred with iron spoon. Every customer can appreciate the clerk’s beautiful and elegant moves while waiting.


39 楊桃汁/柳橙原汁/木瓜牛奶Carambola Juice/ Orange Juice/ Papaya Milk


Starfruit juice is their specialty, a traditional and classic one. Salty and sweet are all the same good. The juice is also made of 100% fruit. As for the papaya milk, the portion of 2 different elements will make big difference. Have a taste!!

41 陳記泡泡冰Pao-Pao Ice


The ice is attractive due to its fine and delicate taste. It melts right away in your mouth. You can find ice with appropriate sugar here. The ice made at the stall will taste much better than that frozen at the refrigerator. Don’t miss it if you come to MiaoKo!


45 愛玉冰/冬瓜茶/蓮藕汁Vegetarian Gelatin Ice/ White Gourd Tea/ Lotus Root Juice


This stall’s food is aimed for cooling down the so-called internal heat. Water is most important key to making vegetarian gelatin ice, which will decide the softness of it. If you put in some lemonade, it will become lemon gelatin ice, which tastes sour and sweet and is very thirst-quenching.


47 豆花/刨冰/燒仙草Soybean Gelatin/ Frappe


Summer or winter, this stall provides you with super both cold ice shavins and delicious hot XianTsao. The soybean here is extremely full of flexibility. And his secret is the thickness of the soybean and plaster. You can also have Honk Kong people’s favorite “Guei Ling Gao” and heat-cooling osmanthus plum juice here.


50 林記刨冰總匯Mixed Frappe 


There’re lots of stalls have long history here in MiaoKo, whose distinguishing feature is “honesty”. They all run their business with honor and care. This stall began by selling peanuts soup since the war ended and was renowned for the truthful flavor. Dip a deep-fried dough stick (or the so-called Yo-Tiao) or crisp biscuit in the soup and you will find a rare but perfect duo! Try it or you’ll regret!