不可不吃的特殊風味-Speial food

2 大腸圈/鹹菜豬血湯Pork Large Intestine/ Salted Vegetable and Pig’s Blood Soup


Stuff the pig’s large intestines with steamed greasy onion and glutinous rice and then steam it again till the whole body is filled with rice flavor. You can find thick and thin large intestines here. After making your own choice, the owner will cut it up and pour it with sauce. Don’t forget to go with a bowl of pig’s blood soup, which is braised with pig’s bones. What a nice duo!


13 本港魚活海產Fresh Seafood


Seeing the filled stall will be enough for you to drool around. The fresh seafood is prepared in different ways: stir-fried, tossed, steamed, etc. Chef here will only serve at night. For those who miss the traditional flavor, just come here with your friends and make you closer!


15 雞捲大王Chicken Roll


Seeing the word “King” will help you understand their skill and confidence. At first, they add no whipped fish. Inside the crispy bean skin, you can see the best stuffing with port, onion, pepper, Chinese water chestnut, and sweet potato powder, etc. Yummy!


17 意麵Yi Noodles


This chef is pretty good at frying noodles, especially the fried Yi-noodles, which is made of flour and eggs. Scald the noodles with hot water and then fry in the oil for a while till it becomes golden ball-shaped noodles. Put it in the pan when you are going to fry it. Assorted frying is not bad, and curry flavor is special as well.


16 天婦羅Tenpura(Fried Fish Paste)


Tempura is made of whipped fish and in most people’s opinion, stale fish. But this store put emphasis on the freshness of their fish, which are mainly sharks and sea eels. You can smell it from the distance shen it’s being fried. Irresitable!


18 日式料理/壽司Japanese Food/ Sushi


This store sells all dishes you can order at a restaurant. Assorted fresh sashimi, steamed eggs, shrimp salads. They are the best choices for those who prefer light taste. This stall running its business in a young way by demonstrating their materials in a transparent glass cabinet to prove their freshness.


20 肉粽/四神湯Dragon Festival Dumpling/ Four Tonics Soup /割包


Another local Taiwanese snack, which will be missed when you are out of town. The fragrant fried stuffing wrapped up by the steamed glutinous rice. Dip it with chili and sweet sauce before putting into your mouth. No need to wait until Dragon Boat Festival! Four tonics soups is also time-requiring. It takes 4 to 5 hours of stewing and is indeed nourishing to your body! You can put pig’s belly or lean meat in the steamed sandwich, which can beat McDonald’s Big Mac.


22 豬腳/蝦仁羹Pig’s Feet/ Shrimp Thick Soup


This stall puts no spices at all! Salt, crystal sugar, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate are all regular flavorings. The key is skill and experience of temperature controlling. While cooking, the extra oil must be scooped out to keep it delicate. Cover the fresh shrimp with whipped fish will differentiate their shrimp potage from other meat broth.


25-1﹙2﹚ 刑記鼎邊趖Ding-Bian-Cuo


It’s a special cuisine made by liquid rice poured around the rim a big pot. After the water in it is boiled, take out the solidified liquid rice and then cut it into pieces when it’s dried. Coupled dozens of other materials will make the delicious Ding-Bian-Tsuo!


25-3 奶油螃蟹Cream Crabs


 The delicate and fresh crab meat is filled with heavy cream flavor. Be careful not to drip any drops of that meat juice when you are eating. For the beautiful taste, it’s no wonder that there’re so many people taking troubles to eat the crabs, careless about their own images. After all, give me delicacies and nothing else!


25-5 傳記天婦羅Tenpura(Fried Fish Paste)


Tempura is Keelung’s local traditional sanck. It’s so chewy. Here, you can see that every piece of tempura scooped up from the oil after being deep fried and swells up. Eat it with green cucumbers and homemade sauce, and you certainly will fall in love with it!


26 豆簽羹Bean-Sprout Thick Soup 


The bean-sprout is noodles made of rice bean, which rooted from FuJian Province’s Chuanchou, where the ex-owner immigrated from, and now it’s run by his son. You also eat it with oyster, squid, and shrimp potage, which are not so common in somewhere else.


27-2 百年吳家鼎邊趖Ding-Bian-Cuo

廟口有名的幾種地方小吃中,你一定不能錯過鼎邊趖,吳家的鼎邊趖配料種類特多,包括肉羹、蝦仁羹、金針、香菇、魷魚、小魚乾、竹筍、金勾蝦、高麗菜、蒜頭酥、芹菜等十多種配料熬成湯頭,湯鮮味美,難以忘懷的味道喔!另外,吳家特別的是還提供網站訂購喔,貼心吧!去瀏覽一下 http://www.100wu.com.tw/      

Ding-Bian-Tsuo is one of the MiaoKo ‘s snacks that you mustn’t miss. Wu’s have so many materials, including port potage, shrimp potage, day lily, mushrooms, squid fish, dried little fish, bamboo sprouts, Jingo shrimp, cabbage, crispy garlic, celery, and other dozens of materials. You will never forget its flavor once you taste it. Besides, you can make your order on the net. How sweet is it! http://www.100wu.com.tw/


27-3 刑記鼎邊趖Ding-Bian-Cuo


Yes! It’s the same as stall number 25-1(2)


32 日式料理/壽司Japanese Food/ Sushi


This store sells all dishes you can order at a restaurant. Assorted fresh sashimi, steamed eggs, shrimp salads. They are the best choices for those who prefer light taste. This stall running its business in a young way by demonstrating their materials in a transparent glass cabinet to prove their freshness.


35 香香鹽酥雞Fried Chicken


Don’t think that it is the same as other fried chicken stall you may see somewhere else. It’s said that it’s the first ever in Taiwan! They are special because their chicken is salted with flour. And the flavor of sauce gets deep into the whole meat. It’s really classic and worth your try.


36 蚵仔煎Oyster Omelet


Another old stall that cooks abiding by the tradition, even cook with coals. The combination of fresh oyster, eggs, Chinese cabbage and sweet potato powder still require skills of fire controlling while frying. Pour some sauce before the dish is served and tasted. You can also order fresh oyster soup! Don’t miss it if you are fond of this flavor!


38 肉圓麵線羹Taiwanese Meatballs /Thin Noodles Thick Soup

肉圓皮Q肉鮮,皮是特別用泉水、蕃薯粉作成透明有嚼勁,麵線羹是採用煮羹剩下的湯汁料理,加上蝦米和香料,湯頭好,氣味鮮,喜歡黑醋的話多加些非常香喔 。

The meatball has chewy skin made of spring water and sweet potato powder and fresh meat. The thin noodles potage is added with the leftover materials while cooking potage and shrimp and spice. Some dark vinegar will make it taste better.


43 一口吃天婦羅/一口吃香腸One-Bite Tenpura/ One-Bite Sausage


Their tempura is also rare, made of whipped codfish and shark. The deep fried tempura attracts the attention of every passerby on holiday. “One-bite” is their invention. Roast the sausage without preservative and sell it right away. It can be smelled meters away. The tiny sausage won’t occupy too much room of your stomach. Buy some when your are strolling around!


48 7品黃金爆漿炸雞專賣店Qi pin Golden Delicious Fried chicken Store


49 割包/四神湯Steamed Sandwich


The soul of a steamed sandwich is in the piece of meat in it. Owner of this stall is good at stewing that meat. The juicy and chewy meat, mixed with pickled vegetable and peanut powder, mnn…it touches my tongue! The light “four tonics soup” plays the role of balancing and watering down the grease.!


52 生魚飯/壽司Rare Fish Rice/ Sushi


If you miss the old-fashioned flavor and prefer Japanese cuisine, then you should not ignore this stall. The whole roll of sushi made right on the spot is blended with different tastes. Genuine and delicate. sashimi rice is just right for those who love seafood.


58 營養三明治Nutritious Sandwich


Their sandwich is quite different! On holidays, there must be a long queue waiting for the deep-fried crispy oval bread, in which are cucumbers, ham, stewed eggs, tomato, and salad sauce. All these make the reputed MiaoKo nutritious sandwich. It’s totally original of this stall. No match in somewhere else! It’s no wonder about the long queue for that satisfying bite!


60 什錦春捲Assorted Spring Rolls


The spring roll is the special food we have on Tomb-Sweeping Day. Inside the flexible skin are the bean sprouts boiled on the spot and the Chinese cabbage fried with curry, egg thread, dried bean curd, celery, salted meat. The fully stuffed spring roll will make some one just open the mouth wide, regardless of image!


62 金興麻栳Local Snacks


We have all kinds of “Lao” here, including “mao-lao”, “rice-lao”, and “peanut-lao”. Though their family started the pastry industry since Taiwan was under Japanese reign for 4th and 5th generation, they evolve into a factory with modern delicate packing. You can also witness the making of “lao” live!

62-1 滷味Stewed Food


Food at a stall with history is tasty because it’s made with experience and specialty. They control different time of cooking according to the features of each material, so that you may have the best contact with every dish.


66 油粿/芋粿Oil Cake/ Taro Cake


You can easily see the female owner chop the big and thick oil cake right from the front of this stall. It’s very time-consuming to prepare the making of oil cake, and therefore, people seldom take time to make it. A oil cake has 9 layers in total, and it’s called a taro cake if some taro is put into it while making. With the time and energy of our Miss owner, it’s really something.


70 蟹肉/蟹足/風螺Crabs/ Crab Feet/ Spiral Shells


Keelung is indeed a heaven for seafood lovers! In the short distance to the port, crabs here are therefore fresh. Crabs are fried with barbeque sauce and peppers and Jiou Tseng Ta (some kind of seasoning vegetable). Get some in hand and gnaw it slowly while walking. It’s like in heaven!